Monday, July 30, 2012

hCG Diet: Day 1 of Phase 2

So my husband and I have started the hCG diet. Today is the first day of Phase 2 VLCD. So far so good. I got a little hungry earlier.. but nothing bad. After eating lunch I am still a little hungry. but nothing I can't handle. I think part of it is because I havent been drinking my water. You are supposed to drink 32 oz before lunch and I've had no where near that. I will do better tomorrow.

For my early morning snack I had half a cup of mixed fruit. No sugar, just fruit. Apple, Orange, grape, cherries & strawberries. I made this last night so that there would be enough for both my husband and I. I think in the future I will just stick with one fruit. For lunch I had cottage cheese ( low fat 2%), one small roma tomato and 3 spears of Asparagus that i just sauteed in a little bit of water. It was a yummy lunch!

I will update this entry for dinner and exercise, ect.

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