Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coffee Tutorial

Now first off, let me say that I've never written a tutorial, so go easy on me. And please let me know if something doesn't make sense. I will try to explain it better.

So today we are making a simple coffee cup design.

First start by applying your base coat. One or two coats depending on the color. I used pink, simply because it was what i had sitting beside me. I used L.A. Color's Vibrant Violet for my base color.

Next you want to make a small oval type of shape, for the top of the coffee cup. I used Color Madnic Nail Art Polish in white.

Then you want to make the body of your cup.. like this.

After you make the body of your cup you want to fill it in from the oval down, and add your handle to whichever side you prefer...

Take a brown of your choice and make a drop of color on a lid, or paper. I am using L.A. Color's Chocolate Shimmer. And you will need a dot tool or a needle or toothpick.

Using your tool or needle, dip into the brown and fill in the oval.

Almost done. Now take a drop of white and a drop of black and mix together to make your desired shade of steam. Make a small curly-que ribbon of steam. Apply your top coat and your done!

I hope you all enjoy!