Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Bragging Rights

So my youngest son just came to me about 45 minutes ago. "Mommy, can you come fix my training wheels? They are falling off!" While I agreed to fix them, I asked him if he would be willing to try to ride without the training wheels if I went outside and helped him. He said he was scared but agreed.

So off we trekked outside for the removal of the training wheels. Sure enough.. They were swinging back and forth when I went to remove them.. a lot of help they were doing for him huh? As we were walking out our front gate to ride in the street, ( we live on a very quiet street with hardly any traffic so we were perfectly safe ) he said, "Mom, don't forget to hang on and don't let go!" He got on his bike and i grabbed the back of his seat and started giving him a little push to get going........ AND HE RODE RIGHT OUT OF MY HAND!! He just took off! He looked back at me and yelled that I had let go but continued to ride. I was so proud! He pretty much did it all on his own. At this point I had walked down the street to make sure he stopped okay. I turned around and asked my husband if he had gotten it on video. Of course... no! He said I just managed to get out here.. you started to quick. So the following video is actually his SECOND time riding with no training wheels.. but who cares? He is now doing it on his own. He was even riding his bike standing up at one point. 

Here we go!

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