Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elf Haul

I got this stuff in the mail about a week ago and I just plain forgot to take pictures and do a blog. I am relatively new to doing my makeup. I did my makeup everyday in High School, but about a year after I got married, I just got lazy... and depressed. I just didn't see the point. I wasn't going anywhere, I wasn't doing anything. I had already landed my great guy. Who did I need to impress. Obviously it isn't about impressing anyone, but like I said.. I was depressed and wasn't really thinking clearly. About a lot of things. But that's another blog. Anyways, I have recently decided that I need to start doing my hair and makeup on a daily or almost daily basis. And by doing my hair I'm not talking about my usual pull my hair into my regular messy bun in the back of my head.

In my new journey to all things beauty, I realized that the makeup that I had was *gasp* 10 years old. Only slightly outdated and old, right? So my wonderful hubby agreed to let me spend a little at a time on makeup and other beauty products that are needed.

First I got products for my face. Like my cleanser and toner and moisturizer. I am using Olay. I will get pictures of that some other time. I realize after the fact that what I ordered probably wasn't the most important. Honestly I went by what was on sale. Instead of focusing on replacing just my makeup, I actually spend a majority of my budget on non actual makeup, but other things needed. So now I have to make do with my 10 year old makeup for a month or two. *sigh* Lots to learn huh? Anyways, here is my total haul. Well.. I had bought false lashed cause they looked fun. I got the synthetic ones.. They were not fun. They were stiff and really had no give in trying to shape them to my eye... I ruined them in the process of learning how to apply them. Live and learn.

Here is my total Haul. I am loving the brushes. It is so much easier to get eye shadow where you want it and blended like you want it.

Next I got some mascara, because mine was all crusty and hard and probably was empty. I mentioned 10 years right?

Next i got blush and bronzing powder.

I have never really worn blush. I could never apply it right, anyways. And bronzer. Never even really heard of it. I've been spending some time on Youtube. I think i am figuring it out.

I bought this powder not really knowing.. I get it and its a white powder. I am thinking.. white.. what is this Halloween and I'm going to be a ghost? Imagine my surprise when I put it on and its not white. It goes on.. well.. kinda clear.

I tend to like the more natural looks. I do like some the of the vibrant colors on eyes, but I just tend to think its not something I could pull off. Seems like it looks better on the younger crowd. I think I would just look like a clown. I might experiment though.

I got these to remove my mascara because I read online to use non oily remover for regular mascara and to only use oil based for the waterproof. But these are so small, I am kinda thinking I will use these to spot clean my brushes after using them.


  1. why do you have to ba depressed?,,, you have your hubby to impress to,,, i also have this brushes some of them are okay,,,!! have fun on makeup!

    1. Hi Euzefelus, I didn't HAVE to be depressed, in fact, if I had a choice, I wish I never had been. I was depressed for years.. I'm sure part of it was post partum depression. I never saw a doctor, which I do not recommend. If you even THINK your depressed, please get help. And your right. I do have my husband to impress, which is one reason why I am changing now.

  2. woowwww gr888 haul
    hw r d makeup brushes?