Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Julep Box

Hooray!! My May Julep Box arrived today! I got some goodies this month! There were the 2 polishes as always, plus some pedicure items and a snazzy makeup bag. Definately a good box this month. So here are my goodies as I unwrap them:

Here is what it looked like when I opened the shipping box. I can already spy the free gift: the makeup bag.

Here is whats inside the bag. 

This little gem was hiding under the makeup bag. I can see summer pedicures in my future.

Here are the polishes.. more on those in a bit.

Ahh the roll on pedi prep. I can't wait to use this. 

This cream was hidden inside a pocket in the makeup bag. I am a little disappointed at the size. They give us a larger size of the Pedi Prep, yet such a small bit of the Pedi Cream. Now really enough for us to know if we like the product or not.

Here is the makeup bag. There are three little pockets for polish and then a bigger pocket next to that. Its not a huge bag, but it is big enough for overnight. Maybe a weekend, depending on the amount of makeup you wear. This would be great to stick in your purse, if you carry a larger bag.

Here are the colors. This is Ellie. This is a pearly/opalescent pink color. This seems to be a very light color. Very pretty in the bottle.

Then we have Kylie. I LOVE this color. I painted a nail tip with this color so I could use the magnet. I didn't/don't have time to do a whole mani right now, but I wanted to see how the magnet works. The color is awesome. I was suprised at the design the magnet gave off. From what I had read on the internet, I was under the impression that the lines that you saw on your magnet, would be the lines you got on your nails. Well you can see my magnet in the picture... imagine my surprise, when I got wavy lines! I was so happy.. and it looked very neat! My son was even impressed once he realized what I was trying to show him. I can't wait to do my next mani now.

Here is everything in the box, unwrapped. Well except for the makeup bag.

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