Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Randomness in my Life

So okay, I've been a complete slacker. I haven't posted in awhile, and I swore I was going to stick with this. Everything just seemed to be happening, and yet, nothing was happening. I was going to blog this past weekend, but I just got to busy. Busy doing nothing, it seems. Looking back, I should have had plenty of time. I didn't really do anything. Sure we grilled outside and spent alot of family time. I will NOT oppologize for family time instead of blogging. Then there was the laundry. Sure, I could have blogged while at the laundromat.  There is an app for that on my phone. Basically a bunch of small things and when I wasn't doing that I was parked on my couch. So sue me! lol

On with the randomness. Yesterday my son brought home a plant. He didn't know what it was or how to care for it. I could tell by looking at it that it was a succulent. Looked to also be in the Aloe family. After Googling it I discovered it is a Zebra plant. Well that is the common name for it. Haworthia Fasciata - AKA The Zebra Plant.

Isn't it lovely? Easy to care for. So we planted it into a clear bowl when he got home so that it wasn't in a styrofoam cup, which is easy to tip over ect. Then today, my oldest son brings home a plant. Same kind. There is a family that lives across the street from the boys' school that donates a plant from their yard every year to the school kids. So we had to do some adjusting and replant BOTH plants in the same bowl for now. I want to get a big oversized brightly colored coffee cup to plant them in.

Today I had a visitor. I was sitting on the couch watching my soap opera.. Yeah, yeah.. I know. How do I watch that stuff? I have no idea. Its the only thing on. So anyways. I start hearing this chattering, squeaky noise. I got curious and went outside to see what was making all the racket. There were about 5 birds outside and they were flying around like crazy. Along with this little guy.

Isn't he cute? We had quite the conversation. Looks like I need to get some squirrel and bird feeders.

Today I received my replacement foot file from Julep. I got one in my Julep Maven box, but the sand paper stuff started coming away from the file so they sent me another. Along with a little envelope of some hand cream.

I think that is all for my randomness today. It's Hump Day people!! We are half way to the weekend!!

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